Online Class 2020

What will your child learn in the online course?

Your child will know basics of electrical and electronics, and develop simple circuits deploy simple applications. Later they will know about Controllers and Processors, Connect with PC, Embedded C, Python Programming. They will learn Sensor, Actuators and integrating with Controller and Processor, they will learn to develop a Real time application using Raspberry Pi and Sensors using Embedded, IoT, AI and ML concepts. 

How will the online course benefit your child?

Children will have the basic and in-depth knowledge of Electrical and Electronics, Micro-Controllers/Processors, Python Programming. They will have a great exposure to select the sensors and ctuators todevelop and deploy real time projects hands on using Embedded, IoT, AI and ML concepts. Thus will help your child to improve their logical thinking, problem solving, creativity and mainly their focus (Attention to the details).

Course will Cover

Basics of Embedded System

Introductions to Sensors and Actuators

Introduction to Micro Controllers and ProcessorS

How to Integrate Sensor, Actuators with Micro Controller/ Processor

Introduction to Embedded Programming

Integration Protocols RS232/485, UART, I2C, SPI, WiFi, Bluetooth, RF, ZigBEE and LORA

Introduction to Internet Of Things (IoT)

Applications development (15+ Real-time Projects)

Introduction to Robotics

Real time Robotics Projects

Introduction to Python Programming

IoT Protocols – MQTT, HTTP, HTTPS, TCP/IP, REST, API Introduction to IoT Mobile Applications – Blynk, Ubidots Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Course Highlight:

Permanent Exhibitions

Smart Eco System

IoT, AI & ML


Job Opportunity

Data Security and Safe Guard

Automation Anywhere

Get Future Ready

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