Career in IoT: The road to the bright future

Today, the Internet of Things is no more a conceptual technology as there are a lot of IoT devices available in the market. People are getting used to this technology. Many industries are taking advantage of this technology to make profitable business decisions. According to the current statistics, every 10 out of 6 companies are coming into the IoT domain. Therefore, students and job seekers will have a pool of job opportunities in IoT. So, if you’re still thinking about pursuing a career in IoT here are the top 10 reasons that can help you in your decision making.

Rapid Growth

IoT has already taken over the tech industry and now it is ready to bring the economic revolution in upcoming years. The global IT leaders are researching all the possibilities to connect more devices and bring a great change in the market. All big and small industries have started leveraging technology. Such growth in the market suggests that a career in IoT will highly rewarding. Here are some of the facts from the recent reports:

a. IoT will increase the average income between 20-30% by 2030.

b. 25 billion devices will be connected by the end of 2020.

Chance to work in a growing domain

A domain focused course such as BCA with specialization in IoT offers students promising career opportunities. Similarly, BCA with a specialization in IoT offers practical applications of computer languages. It’s easier for students to create IoT enabled applications. 

Future-proof career option

Students should always choose a career in blooming domains. IoT is still in the growing stage, and there are many opportunities to be leveraged. In such a scenario, it’s wise to be ready to take future opportunities. IoT is undoubtedly a promising career option for you.

 Exciting job prospects

If you’re looking for the exciting job prospects then IoT is the best option for you. Doing BCA with a specialization in IoT opens different profiles for you. You can work on different profiles like app developers to create applications using programming languages such as C, C#, Java, .NET, and technologies such as Big Data, UNIX, and more.

In short, IoT is a promising domain to get exciting career options. It is lucrative and has many learning opportunities as both the private and public sector companies have tremendous scope in IoT. Here is a list of IoT career domains that students can choose from:

· Data Scientists

· Network professionals

· Programs engineer, firmware engineer, thing engineering, mechanical engineers, digital sign processing, internet gateway interfacing, and so on.

· Security experts for risk identity, vulnerability evaluation, public-key encryption security, and wireless community security

· Device and Hardware experts, especially in Sensors and Actuators are required in the R&D facilities of sensor manufacturing groups

· Software Program Engineering, records scientist, facts analytics, database administrator, and many others

To understand the complexities of IoT and its challenges, HowDIY, an IoT skilling platform has come up with exciting courses. Here, you can learn from scratch and enter into the world of IoT for a bright prospect.  

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