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Growing importance of AI during COVID crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit hard the entire world. The healthcare sector experienced tremendous pressure. The COVID-19 virus has not given enough time to get prepared. And, the steep rise ...
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ML: A blessing for Healthcare Industry

ML: A blessing for Healthcare Industry You all have heard about using ML in the healthcare sector. And, some of you might have wondered if this technology provides real value ...
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Career in IoT: The road to the bright future

Career in IoT: The road to the bright future Today, the Internet of Things is no more a conceptual technology as there are a lot of IoT devices available in ...
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Know, how sensors make a home‘SMART’

Gone are the days when people used to bear property damage due to the forces of fire and lightning, wind and hail, extreme weather events like hurricanes and tornadoes, or ...
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IoT Security Tips

IoT Security Tips The world has gone digital, tablets have replaced notebooks, cell phones have become the biggest necessity, and companies are adopting next-gen technologies. From automated security systems to ...
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What, Why & How of Streaming analytics

 What, Why & How of Streaming analyticsWhat is streaming analytics?Streaming analytics is also known as event stream processing. It is the analysis of huge real-time data through the use of ...
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Introduction to IoT Careers

Introduction to IoT Careers Today, many people want to pursue a career in IoT, but they juggle with a lot of queries. This article will help you find out answers ...
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Career Opportunities in the Internet of Things

Career Opportunities in the Internet of Things From home appliances to agriculture to space and automobiles, the internet of things (IoT) is revolutionizing every industry. The demand for IoT is ...
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