Introduction to IoT Careers

Today, many people want to pursue a career in IoT, but they juggle with a lot of queries. This article will help you find out answers to all your questions. Do you know that the field of IoT is expanding constantly? Therefore, the demand for IoT skilled professionals is also increasing. Let’s read below and know more about the career opportunities in IoT. 

The Future of IoT:

The future Of IoT is very promising. The world is attracted to leading a smart life, and IoT has been making it possible. According to recent studies, IoT will drive around 344 $344B in revenue by the end of 2020. In the upcoming years, there will be a huge demand for IoT professionals. 

Is IoT a good career idea?

Today, look around, and you’ll find yourself to be surrounded by smart technology. The advancement in technology has brought a smart and faster life to you. The credit for smart life goes to IoT. Companies can collect and analyze data to make better business decisions to offer the best services to their customers. 

Now the question is if IoT is the best career path. In the present era, businesses and organizations are operating online. Hence, they are depended on the data collected by the IoT devices. It is essential to analyze this data deeply. So, it needs a large number of IoT skilled professionals and experts. The best part is that IoT professionals get decent salary packages from the very beginning. 

So, you can say there is a bright career opportunity in the IoT industry. You just need to give us a call to the no. 1 IoT skilling platform ‘HowDIY’. 

 Types of IoT Jobs & Job Roles:

After getting clarity about the career scope in IoT, you must be wondering about what kind of job roles you can have in IoT? Don’t worry there is a pool of millions of job opportunities waiting for you. The IoT industry has offered different types of job roles. You can check and fit yourself in the best profile. 

Cloud Engineer:

A cloud engineer establishes and deploys the middleware and NoSQL database to collect the data from the IoT devices.


If you’re a CAD designer then you can help the IoT industry to design better IoT devices such as wearables.

Material Specialist:

A material specialist finds out which material should be used to embed a sensor in it.

Embedded Engineer:

Embedded engineers develop and implement software of the embedded devices.

Network Engineer:

Network engineers help in establishing a computing network or choosing a suitable gateway and more.

Data Scientist:

The data scientists analyze the collected data using in-memory computing or batch processing and convert it into useful information.

Data Visualization Expert:

The data visualization experts visually present the information to make it more understandable. 

UI Engineer:

 The UI engineers design the easy and interactive user interface of the IoT devices. 

Data Architect:

The data architect designs the data model. 

Instrument Engineers:

The instrument engineers handle actuators, sensors for the closed-loop system.

Test Engineers:

A test engineer tests the functional aspects of IoT devices.


The programmers program the backend and integrate it with middleware and cloud databases.

The Pay Scale for IoT Jobs:

Each job role mentioned above comes with a handsome salary package. Salary may vary from one job role to another. But there are five major functional areas concerning salary. These five areas command the IoT industry. 

Salary Trends by Functional Areas are

  1. Application Programming – Rs 13 LPA
  2. Engineering Design – Rs. 11.5 LPA
  3. System Programming – Rs. 10 LPA
  4. Embedded Technologies – Rs. 8.2 LPA
  5. Experienced candidates – Rs. 30 LPA

List of Companies Hiring IoT Professionals:

IoT not only helps businesses to serve their customers in a better way but increase their ROI too. from Startups to Tech-Giant, many companies hire IoT professionals. Some of the famous companies are:

  1. ScienceSoft
  2. Oxagile
  3. Style Lab IoT Software Company
  4. HQ Software Industrial IoT Company 
  5. Cisco 
  6. Huawei
  7. SAP
  8. IBM 
  9. ARM IoT Security Company 
  10. GE Digital 
  11. Bosch IoT Sensor Company 
  12. Siemens IoT Analytics Company

Required IoT Job Skills:

If you want to pursue a great career in the IoT industry then it is a must to have deep knowledge in the below-given concepts :

  1. Embedded Systems
  2. Networking & Security 
  3. Programming
  4. Analytics
  5. Communication Protocol
  6. UI/UX Design
  7. Cloud Computing
  8. Edge Computing
  9. Soft Skills

Are There Any Prerequisites for IoT Jobs?

Strong command over programming and embedded systems is a must to start a career in IoT. Each job role demands a different skill set. 

Importance of IoT Training and Certification:

If you want to get hired by top-most companies then IoT training and certification are essential. You can get IoT training from various Government and private IoT training course providers. HowDIY is the no. 1 IoT skilling platform for job seekers. Our trainers are industry experts with vast experience in their domain. We’re providing three courses to cover all the basic and advanced topics related to IoT. 

Our courses are:


It’s your chance to give wings to your future. Act smartly for smart technology. Enroll at HowDIY now!!!

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