12 to 14 Years Course – 3 Months Subscription


3 Months Subscription


Project Name

Below 10 Projects are covered for 3 Months subscription

1. Hydrogen Sensor

2. Air Quality Sensor

3. Ambient Temperature

4. Water Meter with IoT

5. Line Follower Robot

6. Automatic Door Open Using PIR

7. IoT weather Station

8. IOT Car Parking System

9. Implentation of Digital lock

10. Vehicle Theft Alarm



Component List

Hydrogen Gas Sensor, DHT 11, Water Meter, IR Sensor, Robotic Chassis, Motor Driver, 9V Battery, 12V DC Door Lock, 5V Realy, PIR Sensor, Rain Sensor, Servo Motor, Matrix Keypad, Vibration Sensor,  Jumpers, Buzzer


Project Name

1. Hydrogen Sensor
It is suitable for detecting h2, lpg, ch4, co, alcohol, smoke or propane. ​ play with raspberry pi (with grove base hat for raspberry pi)​. The mq-2 gas sensor is sensitive to lpg, i- butane, propane, methane, alcohol, hydrogen and smoke. It could be used in gas leakage detecting equipments in family and industry and send a value mobile application (Blynk) using IoT.


2. Air Quality Monitoring
Air Quality Monitoring system detect the gas, temperature and humidity level in air using Gas sensor, DHT11 Temperature sensor and Raspberry Pi. Gas Level, Temperature and Humidity value is updated mobile application through IoT.


3. Ambient Temperature
A Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive single board computer that will allow you to connect to a temperature sensor and stream the data to a data visualization software. Raspberry Pi's started out as a learning tool and have evolved to an industrial workplace tool.


4. Water meter with IoT
In this system, the controller reads the values of the flow sensors. And then value is updated mobile application through IoT technology.


5. Line follower Robot
Line follower is an autonomous robot which follows either black line in white are or white line in black area. Robot must be able to detect particular line and keep following it.


6. Automatic Door open using PIR Sensor
The PIR sensor acts as a motion detector and detects the presence of human beings within the field of its vision. When it detects the human presence, it notifies the Raspberry Pi controller. The DC motor connected to the output of the Raspberry Pi controller is used to open and close the gate automatically.


7. IoT Weather Station
This IoT based Project aims to show the current Humidity, Temperature and Pressure parameters on the Display as well on the Internet server using Raspberry Pi, which makes it a Raspberry Pi Weather Station.


8. IoT Car parking system
Car parking is a major issues in modern congested cities of today. There simply are too many vehicles on the road and not enough parking space. This has led to the need for efficient parking management systems. Thus we demonstrate the use of IOT based parking management system that allows for efficient parking space utilization using IOT technology. To demonstrate the concept we use IR sensors for sensing parking slot occupancy along with a dc motors to simulate as gate opener motors.The system detects if parking slots are occupied using IR sensors.
The system reads the number of parking slots available and updates data with the cloud server to allow for checking parking slot availability online.


9. Implementation of Digital Lock
Security is a major concern in our day to day life, and digital locks have become an important part of these security systems. There are many types technologies available to secure our place, like PIR Based security systems, RFID based Security system, Laser security alarms, bio-matrix systems etc.


10. Vehicle Theft Alarm
The main purpose of this project is to prevent vehicle theft using Vibration sensor and buzzer. If any illegal activity is occur in vehicle Buzzer will be ON.


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