15 to 18 Years Course – 3 Months Subscription


3 Months Subscription


Project Name

Below 15 Projects are covered for 3 Months subscription

1. Face Detection

2. Rover Robot

3. Data Transmission Using Xbee

4. Alexa Voice control

5. Attendence System

6. GSM SMS Sending

7. GPS Location Find

8. Personal tracking

9. OCR

10. Security Camera

11. Women Saftey Kit

12. Fire Detection Using Image processing

13. Text-to-speech convert

14. Raspberry Pi based Sign language System

15. Women Saftey Kit using image processing



Component List

USB Camera, Zigbee Module, Robot chassis, Arduino Uno, 9V Battery, Motor Driver, USB Cable, Hydrogen Sensor, LED, RFID Reader(EM-18), RFID Tag, GSM Module, GPS Module, Push Button, Buzzer, Speaker, Jumpers.


Project Name

1. Face Detection
In this project simple face detection using python and raspberry pi. Now in this screen live video and captured image shows when face detects USB Camera otherwise its show which is last face is detected.


2. Rover Robot
In this project we will learn how to make Zigbee Controlled Robot Car Using Arduino. The robotic car can be controlled wirelessly via Zigbee Module commands directly from the user. The robot can move forward, backward, left and right and can also be stopped.The Arduino controlled robot car is interfaced with a Zigbee module s2s pro.


3. Data Transmission Using Zigbee
This tutorial allows the user to know the CO2 and temperature levels in a particular  area thanks to the Waspmote Gas sensors kit. With this code Waspmote wakes up every three minutes from the deep sleep mode making use of the RTC, read the sensors and create a data frame for sending it via XBee to a PC with a XBee gateway.


4. Alexa Voice Control
The goal of this project is to create an Alexa skill that controls three LEDs (red, yellow, and green) connected to Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins. The skill will enable to turn ON/OFF each LED by specifying the color of light and the ON/OFF status via voice command.


5. Attendance System
In this RFID based Attendance System project, we will explain you that how can we authorize and count attendance automatically by using RFID cards. RFID Technology (Radio Frequency Identification and Detection) is commonly used in schools, colleges, offices and stations for various purposes to automatically keep track of people.  Here we will count the attendance of an authorized person by using RFID.


6. GSM SMS Sending
In this project you will learn how GSM Send SMS using Python programming Language. Now in this screen you can send a SMS to given number by Python Program.


7. GPS Location Get
Global Positioning System, which the technology used to find the location. GPS can be interfaced with the Raspberry Pi Serially to get the positioning parameters like Latitude and Longitude. It can be used for automation application like detecting the location of the vehicle or to detect the person by using GPS.


8. Personal Tracking
In this project is used for blind people and children. Now you can get the gps location latitude and longitude and also if emergency press button location will send via SMS.


9. OCR
To perform Optical Character Recognition on Raspberry Pi, we have to install the Tesseract OCR engine on Pi. To do this we have to first configure the Debian Package (dpkg) which will help us to install the Tesseract OCR. Write something on the paper and place it in front of the camera, The camera will capture its image, If we press the scan button in raspberry pi the text that you wrote will be shown in raspberry pi Screen.


10. Security Camera
In this project is used for security purpose in home and office. When a person comes in front of the camera it will detect and capture the face of the person send to particular email-Id (Given in python program).


11. Women safety kit
In this smart project which can help the women to alarm the relatives when he is in such danger of being harassed or kidnapped by forwarding the current location recorded by the GPS through an SMS to the registered number.


12. Fire Detection Using Image Processing
So sensors are not required to detect fire. The Raspberry Pi controller processes the camera input and detects fire using heat signatures. By using image processing method, the report is automatically generated and sends to the person immediately after the fire is detected in any part of the frame using Wi-Fi/GSM.


13. Text-to-speech
In this simple project convert a text to speech using python and raspberry pi. You can give an input text it will be convert to speech and say via speaker.


14. Raspberry Pi based Sign language System
The system consists of Raspberry pi, Camera, SD card and a personal computer. Those all components are connected by USB adapters. Raspberry pi is the key element in processing module. First sign has been detected using USB camera, then it performs the functions which are pre-configured for every sign.


15. Women Safety Kit using image processing
In this project which can help the women to alarm the relatives when he is in such danger of being harassed or kidnapped by forwarding the current location recorded by the GPS through an E-mail and also send a recorded video.

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