9 to 11 Years – 6 Months Subscription


6 Months Subscription


Project Name

Below 10 Projects are covered for 3 Months subscription

1. Street Light Automation

2. IR with Motor

3. 7 Segment Display

4. Fire Alarm

5. Ultrasonic Distance Measure

6. Ultrasonic Sonar/Radar Monitor Project

7. Traffic Light Control

8. LED Blinking


10. Rain Sensing Automatic Car Wiper



Component List

LDR Sensor, LED Light, IR Sensor, 5V Realy, DC Motor, 9V HW Battery, 7 Segment Display, Flame Sensor, Buzzer, Ultrasonic Sensor, RGB LED, Servo Motor, Rain Sensor


Project Name

1. Street Light Automation
Automated Street Lighting System will automatically switch the street light ON and OFF based on the amount of sunlight present using the LDR sensor. By this technique power wastage will
get reduced. Key Words: LDR sensor, LED's, Raspberry Pi.


2. IR with Motor
IR with Motor is if any obstacle in front of IR sensor it will detect and motor will be Turn ON. By this technique automatic door open. Key Words: IR Sensor, Relay, 9V Battery, DC Motor.


3. Seven Segment Display
We are going to do Raspberry Pi 7 segment display interfacing. Seven Segment displays are the cheapest for a display unit. A couple of these segments stacked together could be used to display temperature, counter value etc. We will connect the 7 segment display unit to GPIO of PI and control them to display digits accordingly. After that we will write a program in PYTHON for seven segment display to counts from 0-9 and resets itself to zero.


4. Fire Alarm
The embedded systems used to develop this fire alarm system are Raspberry Pi. The key feature of the system is the ability to an alert when a fire is detected. When the presence of smoke is detected, the Buzzer will be ON.


5. Ultrasonic Distance Measurement
Ultrasonic Distance Meter Using Raspberry Pi 3. Ultrasonic ranging module HC-SR04 provides 2cm to 400cm non-contact distance measurement range. Its accuracy can reach ±3mm with a cycle period of 50ms, which is the minimum time delay recommended before measurements are taken.


6. Ultrasonic sonar/Radar Monitor project

Ultrasonic ranging module HC-SR04 provides 2cm to 400cm non- contact distance measurement range. Its accuracy can reach ±3mm with a cycle period of 50ms, which is the minimum time delay recommended before measurements are taken. If any obstacle in front of ultrasonic sensor the distance is less than 20cm Buzzer will be ON.


7. Traffic Light Control
Here the Raspberry pi 3B+ is interfaced with IR Sensor to detect the vehicles, Camera to capture the vehicles on the road and the Motor which is connected to IR sensor used to avoid the vehicles crossing the road during red light. … pi, the vehicle count is measured and accordingly the traffic will be reduced.


8. LED Blinking
In this tutorial of PI series, we will understand the concept of writing and executing programs on PYTHON. We will start with Blink LED using Raspberry Pi. Blinky is done by connecting an LED to one of GPIO pins of PI and turning it ON and OFF.


In this tutorial, we're going to be using an RGB LED. The R, G, and B stand for red, green, and blue, respectively, and the single RGB LED actually contains three LEDs within the single bulb. These are the primary colors for light; that is, you can theoretically create any color of light using some combination of these three. Mixing pure red with pure blue will result in magenta, blue and green in cyan, while red and green make yellow and all three make white. Different hues can be made by mixing different intensities of the three primary colors. In reality, we will find that honing in on a particular hue with the Pi will take a bit of finessing and might not always work.


10. Rain Sensing automatic wiper
Today’s car wipers are manual systems that work on the principle of manual switching. So here we propose an automatic wiper system that automatically switches ON on detecting rain and stops when rain stops.

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