An Intelligent Pollution Control System: Auto Ignition Cut off for Automotives by Detecting Carbon Monoxide

Project Objective

To design, develop and implement to detect and monitor the Automobile emission and cut-off the ignition in real time.


Level: Master

The IOT based air and sound pollution monitoring system using Raspberry Pi consists of sensors, controller, output device and Wi-Fi communication system. The system contains three different sensors. The CO2 sensor measures the carbon emission levels in the air. The methane sensor measures the level of methane gas in the air which is exhausted from the industrial units and vehicles. The microphone measures the level of sound pollution in the atmosphere. All the data collected from these sensors is continuously fed to a controller which is a Raspberry Pi board in our case. The Raspberry Pi converts this sensor data into a convenient form and transmits to a remote web server by making use of IOT – the internet of things communication protocols. Apart from that, the sensor data is also displayed on an LCD display in real-time by the Raspberry Pi. On the IOT web server-side, an optional graphical user interface can be created, which visualizes the sensor data in a convenient way. By virtue of this IOT based pollution monitoring system project, air and pollution levels can be constantly monitored from a remote location, may it be anywhere in the world and steps can be taken in order to reduce the pollution levels.

What is Needed?

CO2 Gas Sensor
LCD Display
Solenoid Valve


  1. CO2 Gas Sensor, LCD Display and Solenoid Valve
  2. Connections
  3. Program
  4. Output
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Connection Diagram

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