Detection of sudden pedestrian crossings for driving assistance systems


Level: Master

We are aware of the problem of detecting sudden pedestrian crossings to assist drivers in avoiding accidents. We design embedded system, the application has two major requirements to detect crossing pedestrians as early as possible just as they enter the view of the car-mounted camera and to maintain alarm system to alert the Driver. Our Embedded system using Raspberry pi has feature of image/video processing by using various features and classification algorithms have been proposed for pedestrian detection. It overcomes the performance in terms of sensors and hardware cost is also too high. So, our design Embedded system that detects partially visible pedestrians just as they enter the camera view, with low false alarm rate and high speed. This system takes capture image by means of pi camera connected to Raspberry pi through Camera input and the image is processed by using image processing technique. When any pedestrian is detected it alerts driver by providing alarm sound and also it stops vehicle automatically.

What is Needed?

Ultrasonic Sensor
Pi Camera
OpenCV Library



  1. Pi Camera and Ultrasonic Sensor
  2. Connections
  3. Program
  4. Output
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Connection Diagram

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