Fortification of cold storage management system for farmers using iot


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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a new evolution in technological advancement taking place in the world today. This paradigm allows physical world objects in our surroundings to be connected to the Internet. This idea comes to life by utilizing two architecture; the Sensing Entity in the environment that collects data and connects itself to the cloud and the Cloud Service that hosts the data from the environment and controls the parameters. To provide a diversity of vegetables over a long season, small-scale vegetable producers need to use energy efficient cold storage methods to reduce costs and extend the revenue period while maintaining produce quality and freshness. The farmers need to find ways to increase profitability while adhering to sustainability principles. During storage quantitative as well as qualitative losses occur due to insects, rodents and micro-organisms. Our problem statement is to design an efficient cold storage unit using as much natural cooling and ventilation using the image sensor for visualization of all activities and display it to user in real time.

What is Needed?

Humidity Sensor
DS18B20 Temperature Sensor



  1. Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  2. Connections
  3. Program
  4. Output
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Connection Diagram

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