Pi and Android based voice controlled notice board with Scrolling LED display

Project Objective

To design, develop and implement Android based voice controlled Notice board in real time.


Level: Master

The main concept behind Voice operated Electronic notice board using a rolling display is to show scrolling messages and to control them by using our own voice. We have already seen GSM based Electronic Notice board, however, speech controlled Notice board has an additional advantage of the ease of use. The user has to give voice command in his/her own voice to control the scrolling messages displayed on the electronic notice board.

Voice recognition is done in the Android application. The user has to install this Android application on his/her smartphone or tablet. Then the user has to give voice commands to this android app. The android app then passes these commands to the microcontroller using wireless communication. It means the user doesn’t have to go near the Electronic notice board to change the scrolling message. The wireless communication technique used in this project is Bluetooth technology. Messages to be displayed are stored in Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory. EEPROM memory holds data even after the circuit is reset. The microcontroller receives these commands with the help of Bluetooth receiver and decoder. Then it passes these commands to the Rolling display which is made up of Matrix LEDs.


  1. Microphone and Matrix LED Display
  2. Connections
  3. Program
  4. Output
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Connection Diagram

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