Rain Sensing Automatic Car Wiper

Project Objective

To develop and implement automatic car wiper switching by sensing the rain using Embedded technology.


Level: Champ

Today’s car wipers are manual systems that work on the principle of manual switching. So here we propose an automatic wiper system that automatically switches ON on detecting rain and stops when rain stops. Our project brings forward this system to automate the wiper system having no need for manual intervention. For this purpose we use rain sensor along with microcontroller and driver IC to drive the wiper motor. Our system uses rain sensor to detect rain, this signal is then processed by microcontroller to take the desired action. The rain sensor works on the principle of using water for completing its circuit, so when rain falls on it it’s circuit gets completed and sends out a signal to the microcontroller. The microcontroller now processes this data and drives the motor IC to perform required action. The motor driver IC now drives a servomotor to simulate as a car wiper.


  1. Components
  2. Process
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Connection Diagram

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