Raspberry pi based global industrial process monitoring through wireless communication


Level: Master

This project proposes an advanced system for process management via a credit card sized single board computer called raspberry pi based multi parameter monitoring hardware system designed using RS232 and microcontroller that measures and controls various global parameters. The system comprises of a single master and multiple slaves with wireless mode of communication and a raspberry pi system that can either operate on windows or linux operating system. The parameters that can be tracked are current, voltage, temperature, light intensity and water level. The hardware design is done with the surface mount devices (SMD) on a double layer printed circuit board (PCB) to reduced the size and improve the power efficiency. The various interesting features are field device communication via USB-OTG enabled Android devices, on field firm ware update without any specific hardware and remote monitoring and control.

What is Needed?

Current Sensor
Voltage Sensor
LDR Sensor
Temperature Sensor LM35


  1. Current, Voltage, Intensity and Temperature Sensor
  2. Connections
  3. Program
  4. Output
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Connection Diagram

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