Raspberry Pi based SCADA System

Project Objective

To develop and implement a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System) using Raspberry Pi and Python.


Level: Master

The World Wide Web (WWW) is the easy and convenient way to access the information on the internet in a click. This feature is suited for SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) to accessing the information of the system. This paper describes the wireless SCADA application for industrial automation purpose which is implemented based on client and server architecture. The user can access the real-time data in the picture/text and graphical format by using the HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) on computer/laptop screen. In this proposed system we used the Raspberry Pi as a controller. In Addition, a user can monitor and control the remote location system at the server site. Here the choice of Python language is the unique and powerful features such as on-demand access and platform independence to the design of SCADA display system

What is Needed?

Temperature Sensor
Humidity Sensor
Pressure Sensor
Flow Sensor


  1. Temperature, Humidity, Flow and Pressure Sensor
  2. Connections
  3. Program
  4. Output
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Connection Diagram

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