Smart rooms for power saving using video processing


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In this project, we have developed a simple but totally real time people counter along with an automated device management system controlled by a digital circuit for ensuring proper power consumption. We have assumed a certain scenario by considering a particular space with predefined room capability , where not only the people’s entrance in that room is controlled by a counter and sensor system but also the room’s several electronic devices are controlled by a digital block circuit according to the number of people present in that room. POWER consumption is of high concern at present in the whole world. Technologies are being developed to ensure the least power consumption possible. In general, we are responsible for wasting power in various ways. Frequently we forget to switch off lights and fans in our room when we go out. Sometimes, we are too lazy to do that. So, what if we design a system for saving energy where the system will automatically detect whether the room is empty or not and how many people are in the room with the help of sensors and counter system and will control the lights, fans, air conditioners and other necessary electronic equipment according to the presence of people in the room .

What is Needed?

Current Sensor
Voltage Sensor
4ch Relay Module
  1. Current, Voltage Sensor and 4CH Relay Module
  2. Connections
  3. Program
  4. Output
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Connection Diagram

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