Sun Tracking Solar Panel Using Raspberry Pi

Project Objective

To design, develop and implement Sun light intensity tracking solar panel based on Embedded technology. 


Level: Champ

One of the Renewable energy sources is a Solar system, which generates electricity from the solar light, Though this system is installed in many areas, the only disadvantage is if there is less light, it won’t generate electricity. And also disadvantage like it should face the sun properly to get sufficient energy. To overcome those disadvantages, we implemented this Raspberry Pi system, which is interfaced with servos and solar panel which having both automatic and manual control to tilt the solar panel. If I need to tilt the solar panel manually, we can change its angle by pressing some keyboard functions. For automatic control the solar panel direction, we can set time based on our location, by defining the latitude and longitude it will change its angle to make a solar panel to face the sunlight properly

What is Needed?

Solar Panel
Servo motor


  1. Components
  2. Process
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Connection Diagram

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